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The Formula One high horse

29 Sep

Breaking news :

Footballer caught out on the town!! With his own wife!!

One man said : Who cares ?


It’s not fair !

29 Sep

It’s not fair that I dont win every race !!!

Says, slow blinking, Red bull world Champion in waiting, brat!

Science Confirms!!!

29 Sep

A man in a white coat believed to be and expert maybe even a scientist, has confirmed today that Eddie Jordan does have Unlimited Definitive Opinions.

29 Sep

Singapore 2010 – Res: Alonso P1 – Vettel P2 – Button P3

F1 HD ready

29 Sep

Bernie Ecclestone F1 big boss has finally announced that F1 is to be broadcast in HD.

Unfortunately for F1 viewers Bernie himself is not ready HD and therefore I image we will be seeing even less of him.

Which is in all honesty a shame, I quite like Brundlefly bumping into him on the grid when he is walking around with some Sultan.


29 Sep

Not content with finishing the Race Hekki provides us with a demostration of First how not to panic in the face of F-ing big fire and secondly then how to put said fire out.

No rush, Dont panic. Park up, Find Extingister, Put out. No fuss.

Jim from the Pub who is nothing to do with Lotus said:

“With Nobody watching him race these days Hekki often likes to  smoke the odd joint during the race, this is the most likely explanation for the fire. I mean we have all put a cig out the window and had it come back in.”

Welcome to The Dirty Side: A satirical look at the world of Formula One

29 Sep

So bored of reading results websites and suffering withdrawal systems for the lost of another great satirical f1 site, the dirty side was born.

We all watched the race, We all know the result, This site deals with the fun side of  F1 For example:

Why does Sebastian Vettel blink so slow? It’s weird !!

Why does Rubans look like the Count from Sesame St?

How many definitive viewpoints does Eddie Jordan have ?

Mick Shoemaker!  Why the cross necklace ?

When will Lewis Learn ?

and so on.

Hello world!

29 Sep

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