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It’s OK everyone ! We got him !!!

25 Dec

Happy Fecking Christmas !!!!!!


HO HO HO Homicide

23 Dec

New poster around london? who’s putting them up.

Christmas is responsible for “night clubs” sayyy whaat?!?!.

We can all make ridiculous controversial pictures.

Oooooo looks almost too real.

International symbol for “FUCK YOU I’ll do it in a minute”

22 Dec

And now for the Dirty Side weather !!

22 Dec

and on the second day he slipped on the ice, On the third day he created Grit..

21 Dec

Dear Lord,

What the heck is this guy doing ?

Yours faithfully

The Dirty Side

Office worker Breakdancing Craze sweeping the Nation !

21 Dec

Office workers across the globe are “getting down” to latest beats and throwing dangerous moves says new government research.

It is believed this is a direct reaction to working conditions, with workers deciding to express their feelings through breakdance.

Never, Breakdance with a Briefcase !!!! It’s dangerous and is “not dope”! Says B-Boys!


One Office worker said:

” Why cant the accounts department bust a move? It’s not fair, I just want to express myself!”

Don’t even get me started on Splinter !

21 Dec

Ok so,

I didn’t really have a “favourite” cartoon when I was a kid, I watched pretty much all the cartoons that were on at the time (90s).

But the ones I liked quite a bit were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cos yeah! I thought they were awesome.

Ohh shit son their cool!

One thing though whats with the face masks ? I can understand why a non mutant turtle ninja would need a face mask (to hide his identity) but what ? These guys are fucking huge turtles!..What they can take their masks off and blend into the normal society yeahhhh! Who you trying to fool you freaks…fuck you TMNT.

A Dirty Side Newsflash!!!!

20 Dec

New tests for British Holidaymakers !

20 Dec

As part of a new government scheme all Holidaymakers travelling from England to any destination are now required to pass a series of gruelling tests in order to insure that they really want to leave England on Holiday.

A spokes people said “We think too many people are just pretending they want a holiday, these tests will soon weed these faker’s out!”

It’s reported that some of the tests included sleeping in freezing conditions often on the floor, No food or Water and in some cases herded like cattle . It’s believed the tests are different at each airport and train station.

Above holidaymakers start what is called the “treated like shit test”

An airport spokes person said “Yeah, what you going to do about it ? We’ve got you by the balls!”

New sign released to represent England in any weather conditions other than dull and grey!

20 Dec