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Iphone battery life not long enough to cope with demands of Catholic priests says the Church.

9 Feb









Bob for TDS – Crossing the line with ease, like it was easy I mean, not like with bag of class A’s


TDS Random old codger chart

9 Feb

Following on from the TDS Random old codger chart.

We have had hundreds of entry requests for the newly crowned “super gran of Northhampton”

If you havent already heard 71-year-old supergran Ann Timson (pictured Left) has taking on six thugs outside a jewellery shop.

Ohh yeah!! this video has been circling monitors for a couple of days now we love it.

 It starts as a usual smash and grab of a jewelry shop, you know three guys with sledgehammers trying to get some bling whilst three more dudes hang back on their getaway motorbikes.

Sounds like a tight plan right …ohh no not when you got the hardest gran in england on your tail.

You can spot her here legging it up the street to the scene of the crime about to wooop some ass in true northampton oap style!


Now not to make fun at this truly awesome nanna but after some TDS investigation we are starting to doubt the badassness of these smash and grabbers, first thing what kind of getaway bike would you expect these bad men to use? A Kawasaki super duper? a Suzuki megaspeed? no they used a ….wait for it a Vesper. 


Badass right i mean wooo what a hog!! you’re going to out run any high-speed pursuit on that! these things go about 30mph and with two sledgehammer laden dudes on it they have got to be joking right.

anyway i think supergran Ann Timson makes it on our Random old codger chart! 

Side note… our specialist background checkers  spotted George Mcfly from back to the future at the seen of the crime you can see him Juuuust to the left of the picture below.

Toby Le’rone – Old people