Celebrity Black Out

14 Feb

Its only been a few weeks after sexist comments ment the end of a presenting career for sports dinosaur Richard Keys but in a true “kick a man when he’s down” style racism has now been added to his lovely set of attributes.

Now we all know the media would never go digging around though every transcript of this guys conversations for the last 15 years to find something else to nail into his careers coffin….would they!?

ha yeah they would, a new comment by Richard describing a black football player as “Choco” has emerged…now although he made this comment off air… oh and before i forget 11 years ago it has been a brilliant source for the news papers to jump on the band wagon of beating the shit out of any sports presenters lately.

The brilliant thing about this news story is they described the “insult” as a “fresh” new story yeahhhh 11 years old that’s fucking fresh!

TDS Conclusion: Ok we get it he’s a little sexist and a little racist but you don’t need to tell people what he said years ago ……Richard keys wets bed …..45 years ago.

|Toby Le’rone


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