The Middle East Activity Holiday Experience

21 Feb

Are you bored of the standard beach break?

Do you prefer your cocktails to be of the Molotov variety?

Ever wondered what it’s like to stand on a moving tank?

Do you dream of being part of something?

Well this is for you!!

For a limited time only TDS presents:

The Middle East Activity Holiday Experience


The Experience

Waking to the sounds of gunfire, you will feel totally at ease with your surroundings. After scavenging for breakfast feel free to choose from one of the many activities the Middle East has to offer. Maybe you fancy throwing some rocks at the police? Maybe you want to loot a shop or even just unwind with a romantic tyre fire, The Middle Eastern Activity Holiday experience has everything you need.

White water rafting? How about Libyan crowd control surfing? The Middle East experience will literally take your breath away, nothing gets the heart racing like running from an angry mob. Take the time to burn a flag or lynch a non-believer, The Middle Eastern experience is geared to your wants and your needs.







Warm your soul with a tyre fire, relax and unwind as the poisonous gasses pollute the atmosphere.

Staying with us

Here at The Middle Eastern Activity Holiday Experience we pride ourselves on our literally unparalleled accommodation options. It’s up to you! If you want to sleep in busy bustling squares then do so, if you want the comfort of a town house and you can overturn the owner then take it, the relaxed civil rights laws in the Middle East lend themselves very much to doing whatever you like.


Tired of spending money on your holidays? Not with The Middle Eastern experience. You don’t need any money at all! Just pillage what you need as and when you need it. That goes for everything from car hire to Baba Ghanoush.


Due to the current economic and social issues occuring  in the Middle East, TDS can offer this package deal at an amazing one-off price.

£4.99  Yep that’s right, just £4.99


Not needed! Yes that’s right, you literally don’t need insurance, why waste the money when any chance of you making it home to actually make a claim is slim to none.

Return Flights

Again not needed! Yes thats right, you probably won’t make it back

Bob for Al Jazeera…


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