All-National Hole Digging Competition

24 Feb

Now you may have thought reading the title that this is the latest debacle in the government expenses scandal, but you would be wrong…

1000 people standing in a field on the outskirts of Tokyo?

Golden Shovels?

Only in Japan!!!

Those crazy Japs are at it again, not content with supplying the world with every piece of electronic equipment you can think of, Sushi, oh and some duff cars with no breaks, they have only gone and staked a claim as the first event in the all-new ‘DirtySide Alternative Olympics’.

The idea of competition hole digging, is unsurprisingly, to dig holes. Not just any holes though, contestants are judged on depth, style and costume. Yeah style? I’m not sure…how stylish can a hole get?








Get down and dirty: Competition digging in full swing.


The prize for the best hole is the coveted golden shovel!






I hate digging and would hate to be any part of a hole digging competition, but would I like a golden shovel? Yeah! Who wouldn’t?!

With so many people publicly digging holes for themselves these days,  it’s nice to see someone enjoying it!

Bob for TDS – Thanks Gem


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