I Know It’s Not a Popularity Contest buuuutt….

26 Feb

So im sure you all down with whats going on in the middle east at the moment,

If you’re not il sum it up for you …its all gone to shit …well shiter anyway, it was always sand and semtex but now its gone revolution.

Libya being the one recently kicking off with the worlds wierdo ole Muammar Gaddafi who im ashamed to say is my favorite dictator.

yeahhh I don’t get it, what’s the fuss? So Gaddafi is a violent dictator who doesn’t seem to be afraid to kill (or have people kill) his own citizens… His fashions are CA-RAZAY! He gives Lady Gaga a run for her money, any day of the week!

Check out the Gaddafi style













If you kids at home want to make a Gadaffi all you need is


On a more serious note, even though we didn’t help the Egyptians in their crisis im sure the government will pull together to help out the oil rich Libyans.

Toby le’rone


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