Might Be Insulting To Clowns.

1 Mar

we’ve all been there…

Sitting in a bar in the centre of Paris drinking on our own, and felt the sudden urge to go into an anti semitic rant at the couple next to us.

Oh no wait, that’s not what a normal person would do.

But dont worry as for every normal person here, there’s always John Galliano to keep up with the Jew hating.

Quick Profile:

John Galliano is a british designer and general fashion “guru” working for  Christian Dior. Hobbies include drinking alone in bars along with mixing up people races before insulting them.

Just look at him…i can only imagine that the hat is needed to cover up the huge dick this guy has on his head. Normally I wouldnt “stoop to his level” but today i feel like it so here it goes.

1.That facial hair is a fucking joke right…its drawn on it has to be, this guys 50 and can’t             even grow a proper moustache

2. He looks like a shit clown with no makeup

3. Drinks alone (which is understandable)

4. Racist ( and the woman he insulted wasn’t even Jewish so we could put…thick…at 4.5)

5. This dick must not watch the discovery channel because although says things like”i love Hitler” and “people like you would be dead today” to Jews he doesn’t realise that himself being gay would mean Hitler would have loved to put a luger to his head.

Just goes to show you beauty (if you like transgender looking, racist, shit moustache alcoholics) doesn’t give you brains.

PS- John if you don’t fancy drinking on your own I’m sure Mel Gibson will join you for one !

Toby L’rone – I hate Clowns


One Response to “Might Be Insulting To Clowns.”

  1. kimberly March 1, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    yeah nice

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