UN get BAA in to manage Libyan No-Fly Zone

9 Mar

Experts in Airport disruption, BAA, are to manage the imposed no-fly zone over war torn Libya. It is believed that BAA will use one of their favourite tried and tested excuses of ‘snow on runway’, not too dissimilar to that of Network Rail’s regular ‘leaves on track’ scenario, panic and ground every plane across the Middle East.

A BAA spokesperson said ‘If you’re looking for general incompetence then BAA have you covered. We’ve caused far more trouble to the everyday passenger than most wars do, so obviously we were the first choice’.

It is believed that Hollywood hardman B.A. Baracus, is to spearhead the campaign with the tag line ‘You ain’t flyin’ no planes, crazy fools!!!’

Bob for TDS – pitying the fools!!


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