The 100th Dirty Side post

11 Mar

Today we’ve had a stark reminder that we live on a volatile planet spinning through an unpredictable galaxy. No matter how safe we build the world around us, we are weak to the forces of nature. Do not think for one minute we have nature under control. Just look where we live! On a rock, in space.

The Dirty Side sends its cold digital heart out to all the victims of Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami.

No jokes folks – the news today is not funny at all.

PS. while we’re doing good things, can someone please help Charlie Sheen out? Filming him falling apart for profit  is very sad America.

Bob for TDS – 1 post in every 100 is a nice one, welcome to The Dirty Side. We’ll be back Monday to resume our normal service of badly written, badly spelt, grammarless, overly critical, pop-up crap for you to enjoy.


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