If in doubt, scrap science and pour water on it

17 Mar

When something breaks down we all know what happens, you have a little look at it only to discover that you can’t see anything wrong…

So what do you do?

You hit it of course! Everybody knows that.

TV broken? Give it a dig! Hit the remote in your hand! Works every time.

Engine not starting? Hit the steering wheel, or if weather permits, get out and give it a kick. Chances are it will fix it. If not, you can relax knowing you did pretty much everything you possibly could to resolve the issue.

Turns out the same can be said for Nuclear Reactors! I know. Talk about universal laws.

But instead of hitting it, you just pour water on it…

So there you have it, billions and billons of cold hard cash is spent globally on research into making Nuclear Energy safe and what it boils down to (excuse the pun) is just pouring water on it when it gets a bit hot.

Brilliant! Nice one science.

Why don’t you build the reactor casing on the tip of a rocket? That way any problems and you just fire it into space. Easy, solved. That will be 100 million pounds please? You know, for all the research I put in.

Bob for TDS – solving global issues one at a time.


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